This delightful riding holiday uses guesthouse accommodation and includes 6 full days riding along with a visit to one of Transylvania’s most precious gems, Sighisoara, a small fortified Saxon town and the city of Cluj Napoca. The ride allows you to experience the raw beauty of the Transylvanian landscape and even visits Borgo Pass, famous from Bram Stoker’s book “Dracula”.

Day 1 (D)
Arrival to Cluj Napoca or Tg. Mures airport.
Meet the local driver and transfer from the airport to the lodge in Lunca Bradului, Mt. Calimani.
Dinner and accommodation to the Lodge at the Equestrian Centre.

Day 2 (B, L, D)
Depart after breakfast to the nearby village of Lunca Bradului. Continue to the Fintinele Valley, riding through a mixed landscape of meadows and forest, scattered with trenches from WW I (there were battles between Austro Hungarians and the Romanian army in this area) before finally descending to the village of Rastolita, on the Mures Valley.
Dinner and accommodation back to the lodge.
Accommodation in tents on the Secului Valley, a tributary of the Rastolita Valley.

Day 3 (B, L, D)
Depart in the morning to Lake Colibita, riding on an old path used by shepherds to take their flocks to the higher mountain pastures. On the way experience an incredible landscape and change of geographic shapes and arrive to the lake in the evening. Dinner and accommodation in a guesthouse by the lake.

Day 4 (B, L, D)
Ride along the Izvorul Lung River and then cross the hills in the area, used by farmers as pastures for cattle. At the end of the day we reach the Borgo Pass, famous from Bram Stoker’s book “Dracula”, being the starting point of Jonathan Harker’s exciting experience in Transylvania.
This night will be spent at the Hotel Dracula 3*, which offers magnificent views over the nearby mountains.
*Attention: you have to dismount for ½ a Km to reach the Pass on a steep torrent!

Day 5 (B, L, D)
Depart from the Hotel in the morning, after breakfast, and ride across the village areas, inhabited by peasants especially during summertime; also, these areas are used as well for grazing.
Going down afterwards to the Dorna Valley and crossing and old workers’ colony, now converted into a small village.
Accommodation to a pension managed by a ranger, at the edge of the Dornisoara village.

Day 6 (B, L, D)
Depart towards the main crater of the volcanic massif, where we ride across the largest volcanic calderas in Europe – 10 km long.
We will go along the Vorova little river, up to 1860m, and then we descend to the Valley of Neagra little river, where the Pension from Gura Haitii village will open its doors for us.

Day 7 (B, L, D)
After breakfast depart back to our Lodge, passing through the National Park of Calimani Mts, first crossing a deserted sulfur mine, which is undergoing a very complex process of reintegration in nature .You will see the miners’ houses and a unique scenery of surface mining, surrounded by beautiful mountains… Continue on forestry roads through the mountain until you reach Ilva Valley and our Lodge

Day 8 (B, L)
Depart towards the charming Saxon town of Sighisoara, a UNESCO world heritage site, with its imposing medieval citadel, overlooking the entire Tarnava Valley.Visit Sighisoara, lunch in here, and then transfer to the Sambata de Jos Stud, a farm of Lipizzans which was founded back in 1992; nowadays, the farm stretches over a total area of 40 ha (of which 30 ha of pasture and 10 ha of arable land and grassland).
Accomodation in the city of Brasov, to the Hotel Casa Wagner 3*.
Free time in the evening (dinner not included).

Day 9 (B, L)
Breakfast at the hotel
2 hours free time for shopping in Brasov.
Visit of the Bran Castle, a national monument and landmark in Romania, and commonly known as Dracula’s Castle.
Depart towards Cluj Napoca and stop on the way for lunch to the traditional inn “Hanul din Ardeal”.
Arrival to Cluj Napoca and walking tour of the city.
Overnight to Hotel Transilvania 3*.
Free diner.

Day 10 (B)
Breakfast and transfer to the airport. Itinerary also operates in reverse

Intermediate upwards. These rides are suitable for confident novices as well as more experienced riders. Riders generally should be able to control a quiet horse in open spaces at walk, trot and canter. We try to match groups to a similar overall level of riding ability. The rides take place over a variety of terrain, including mountains, and do involve some fairly steep climbs and descents. Whilst the horses are sure-footed and sensible, these rides generally are not suitable for very nervous riders. It is, of course, possible to dismount and lead one’s horse down the steeper descents. If you are in any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the suitability of these rides to you.

Hours in the Saddle: 4 to 6 hours per day.

Weight restrictions: A general weight limit of 100kg (15st7lbs) applies to this ride.).

Children. This ride is suitable for children aged approximately 12 years and upwards, provides that they are experienced riders and have sufficient personal maturity. Romania is a very child-friendly country, and makes an interesting visit for young people as well as adults. All children below 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is an experienced rider, and who takes personal responsibility for the conduct of children in his or her charge at all times. In general, the centre tries to organize separate rides for one or more family groups riding together.

Non Riders. Non-riders are welcome and can travel in the support vehicle.

Horses and Tack. There are 20 horses, most of them Romanian Sport Horses, a local breed descending from the Anglo Arabians and a few local crossbreeds which have been adopted along the way, each of them with their fascinating story.

Western, English GPs and endurance saddles are used on all horses.

Accommodation. The lodge, where 4 nights are spent in total, is located right outside the mountain village of Lunca Bradului, in the Ilva valley. The lodge was originally built as a holiday home, but over time, it has been adapted to suit the guests’ needs with en-suite bathrooms and central heating. Once on the trail accommodation is in guest houses apart from one night at the 3* Dracula Hotel and the last 2 nights accommodation which are in 3 star hotels in twin rooms with en-suite facilities.

Food & DrinkFood. in this rural area is mostly organic and locally grown with numerous regional specialties. Breakfast can include eggs, cheese, cold meat, bread, butter, jam, milk, tea, and coffee. Lunch is generally a picnic during the ride, with sandwiches, biscuits, and fruit.

Getting There/Transfers. The best airline to fly with is Wizzair who has flights between London/ Barcelona / Madrid / Valencia and Cluj-Napoca. Transfers from/to Cluj-Napoca are included.
Alternatively you can fly in to Bucharest and we can arrange train travel or auto transport including sight-seeing from there. Please note you will need to allow for an overnight train journey.

Tipping. You may wish to leave a gratuity of up to £25 / 40 euro / $50 per client to be divided amongst the staff. If you wish to leave gifts, we recommend small, light items such as printed tea towels illustrating the area where you live or other such inexpensive gifts of local interest. You will not need to tip the staff making the transfers in Bucuresti if you buy them something to eat or drink when you visit a restaurant or bar. Otherwise, you may at your discretion leave a gift or a small sum of around 10 RON (around 3 Euro). It is normal practice to offer a tip not exceeding 10% for good service in restaurants, also in bars where you are served at your seat. There is no need to tip railway staff, except for the sleeping car conductor if he helps carry your baggage, in which case 2 RON would be appropriate.

Min/Max pax on trip to be loaded 2/8.

For more details, please feel free to Contact us.


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